What’s so good about Himalayan salt?

There are many non-believers in the benefits of Himalayan salt. It could be said, that the so-called ‘benefits’ are simply due to the power of the mind; the age old phenomena of the placebo effect and the improvement of a patient’s condition simply because he believes it to be true. However, there are certainly many real qualities of salt to admire.

From the beginning of time, humans have accredited salt with therapeutic healing. There is no denying a swim in the ocean leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – nothing similar to a swim in the chlorinated local pool. Logically, we are again pointed towards our magical little healer – salt!

Historically, the Ancient Greeks practised what they called ‘Halotherapy’ – ‘halo’ the Greek word for salt. For centuries, monks used naturally-occurring salt caverns to aid in the treatment of respiratory ailments, skin irritations and general lethargy. Yoga cultures of India rely on salt inhalers as a cleanser for the nose and throat.

Himalayan pink rock salt lamps, in particular, have developed a huge following in the Western world over the last couple of years. So, here lie the understood benefits:

Air Purification (Easing of Asthma/Allergy Symptoms)
Water vapour and air pollutants including allergens (such as mould and bacteria) are attracted by the lamp and therefore purify the air you breathe. Modern salt air therapy, including Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhalers, combine both the ancient and the modern techniques. Himalayan salt crystals rest in a chamber inside the inhaler, bringing relief to patients who suffer from asthma & allergy symptoms. These qualities are also present in salt lamps.

Mood Enhancer/Sleeping Aid
The orange/pink hue of the salt lamp promotes a calming ambience. It is said, using a salt lamp as a night light will promote happiness, relieve stress and improve sleeping patterns.

Unfortunately as products come on trend, so do fakes. Some things to look out for when purchasing your salt lamps/products are:

If the salt product is literally indestructible it is likely you have purchased a fake. Obviously do not get a hammer out in the store, but, salt is meant to break down over time and fragility can often determine whether an item is legitimate or not.

Very Bright Light
A true salt lamp is not going to give off extreme light. It is meant to be somewhat dull, no matter the watt rating of the globe.

Return Policy
A legitimate company should offer very flexible return policies. As the items are very fragile it is expected there would be the occasional transit damage.

No mention of Pakistan
Khewa in the Punjab region of Pakistan is the only miner of Himalayan rock salt. If there is no mention of this it is safe to say your product is not real rock salt.

Moisture Resistant
Himalayan rock salt is a natural absorber of water. It is normal for your salt lamp to have a dewy feel/temperament. If your rock salt is very dry, it is likely fake.

On another note, there are many positive benefits to your body based on salt intake.

Detoxification/Physical Benefits
There is a definite misconception that salt is placed in the ‘bad’ category, mainly to be avoided as much as possible. Yes, anything in excess will cancel out its benefits when not taken in moderation. However, a balanced intake of salt actually supports a healthy ph balance, helps lower blood pressure, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, extracts excess acidity from your body’s cells – particularly in the brain, and contains over 80 essential minerals.

Sole salt water (pronounced so-lay), is a great detoxifier, but also a great sports drink to replenish your body after excess sweating.

Sole Water
1. Fill a medium sized jar 1/4 of the way with pink, unrefined, preferably Himalayan, salt.

2. Add filtered water, leaving a small gap at the top with room for extra salt later on.

3. Place a non corrosive lid on the jar and shake gently.

4. Leave the salt overnight to give it the appropriate time to dissolve.

5. In the morning you should notice that some of the salt has settled at the bottom of the jar. If you don’t, add a few more teaspoons of the salt and let it sit for another night.

6. Add a teaspoon of your ‘sole’ to a fresh glass of water first thing each morning to start the healing benefits.

If you incorporate any of the above suggestions into your lifestyle, you will likely reap the benefits…happy salting!

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