Office blues & how to utilise your space


As we all know (but may dispute when it gets to extremes such as positioning your couch to the North of where your animals sleep…), Feng Shui is incredibly important in your home, just as it is in your workplace. To start with the basics – a decluttered desk, air quality, open natural light sources, incorporation of plants and living energy, are all important for a healthily functioning and productive space.

It was once common place to sit at desks, side by side, in a room holding vast numbers of employees. Today, design has evolved so dramatically, that taking the time to develop a space that works not just for one, but for all individual needs, is much more prioritised.

‘Creating paths for chance meetings, including nooks, and designing agile, unique workspaces are solutions that designers say promote collaboration, creativity and productivity in the modern office’ (Giang 2014). Although this is something ultimately decided by your employer, there are things you can do to improve the utility of your designated area.

If you find yourself feeling lethargic or negative about being in a particular space, start to focus on some basic Feng Shui rules, adapting them to suit your individual needs. Below are some tips on how to start the process:

  • Place yourself near fresh air & a natural light source. If you can’t find natural light, make sure the watts on your light bulb aren’t so strong that they lead to headaches or strained vision
  • Invest in a comfortable chair, or, if your work place allows it, and your desk/chair is adjustable, alternate between standing and sitting to give yourself a break from staying in the same position day in, day out
  • Try to limit your time on the computer where you can, if you’re feeling strained, try to take notes with pen and paper for a break from the screen
  • If the right scent is chosen (citrus in particular has been mentioned as a mood lifter & a concentration enhancer), candles or aromatherapy dispensers are great for creating a calm space. Simply place a candle on your desk without burning it and the scent will do just as well during a day in the office
  • Indoor plants promote healthy energy and clean air. Plants such as succulents, ferns, mint, aloe, philodendron, to name a few, really thrive indoors (and you will too!)
  • Make sure everything you have in your space is working, if its not, either fix it or throw it away to make room, decluttering soothes the mind!


Giang, V. (2014, September 7), Workspace Design Trends To Increase Your Productivity, Retrieved from, [Accessed on 10 July 2017]

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